My new website is finally here!

Artwork blog 5Seriously excited 😮
I have lots more artwork, illustrations and designs to put up but it takes aaaaaaaaaages to upload them from earth to my website.
So it is going to be a gradual thing, which I just have to accept with a patient smile on my face.

Also I have quite a few things out of stock at the moment so if you do happen to see something that you like, whether it be artwork, illustrations or a design, and you want it get in touch and I’ll let you know when I can get it to you.

Untitled-1Also people of the world, especially my friends and relatives, I expect total loyalty from now on.. you must love and appreciate my artwork 😉 And you do have to be kind and only say how wonderful everything is? We artists are a fragile lot.

I really hope you enjoy my artwork everyone 🙂 x