Commissions & Art Work

Hello there

I can take requests for new artwork but you may have to wait a few weeks until I complete my latest one.

If you are thinking about that special gift or you know someone who deserves to have some beautiful art in their lives give me a call or drop me a line. 

Sunshine & Flowers A3 white mount

Emma’s Garden (£995) SOLD

Scarlett Commission artwork

I generally produce my paintings in a medium called gouache as it enables me to achieve really vibrant colours. I also work in pencilpencil-crayonwatercolour and inks too. My favourite water-colour paper is Fabriano Blocco Per Artisti as it holds paint beautifully. This painting ‘Emma’s Garden is one of my privately commissioned pieces.

I was commissioned by a lovely chap to create a painting for his wife. It was a surprise present to celebrate Emma (their cat) being in their lives for 21 years. She was part of their family, and really loved. Her favourite sun spot was in their flower garden. I used gouache on Fabriano and it measures 34cm x 55cm.  The portrait of Frank Thornton, was one of three that I painted after bumping into the cast of the Yorkshire sitcom, Last of the Summer Wine, one day a number of years ago. I used gouache on Fabriano and it measures 30cm x 31cm. The Kate Robins pencil portrait measures 18.5cm x 29.5cm.

If you are interested in me creating a piece of artwork just for you please do contact me for a chat and I can work out a price depending on what you would like. Shipping prices are quoted seperately depending on the size of your artwork and the type of delivery you would like.

If you are would like an original piece of art work just have a quick look at my Originals page. Or if you  or someone you know would appreciate a print you can see what’s available on my Prints’ page.

'Truelove' Frank Thornton - Last of the Summer Wine

‘Truelove’ Frank Thornton – Last of the Summer Wine(£350)

Ginger Tom (£250) SOLD

Kate Robins Pencil Portrait

Kate Robins Pencil Portrait (£115)