Last of the Summer Wine Brian Wilde or Foggy


I painted this portrait after a walk in the Holmfirth countryside, where I happened across the filming of Last of the Summer Wine.

The three main characters, at the time, were having a ‘cuppa’ out of white polystyrene cups. I gave them, what I thought was, a winning smile and asked if I could photograph them.

Frank Thornton ‘Herbert “Truly of The Yard” Truelove’ smiled and said “yes of course my dear”,

Peter Sallis ‘Cleggy’ smiled very kindly and said quite simply “yes”

and Bill Owen ‘Compo’ frowned at me and said  “aye lass”.

So I did!


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Product Description

This painting is one of the actors who starred in Last of the Summer Wine, Brian Wilde or Foggy. Last of the Summer Wine was set and filmed in and around Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England.

I painted this portrait using gouache onto Fabriano watercolour paper.

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