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I am Diane Barker. I paint, draw and design and I've been working professionally in these fields for about 20-years. I've provided illustrations for many commercial companies including Japanese Tobacco, Nestle, the Diary Board, Royal Mail and Unilever. I've also been commissioned by a number of private individuals for a variety of portraits, pet illustrations, design projects and wedding stationary.

I think I can offer a varied skill-set ranging from formal painting, (usually in gouache, water-colour or inks), right up to the latest PC-based art programmes, (Adobe-Illustrator and Photo-Shop). And my rates are exceptionally competitive; please do inquire, you’ll be surprised how affordable it is to commission me!

I also have a small but fun greeting card company that I run from my studio in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The materials for these are sourced and printed locally and I think you’ll find my range of designs to be diverse and appealing. Please do have a look. And if you should need something specific, send me an email as I can provide a cost-effective bespoke card service as well.

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