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My name’s Diane Barker, I am a West Yorkshire-based artist and designer. I have launched my own greeting card company ‘YADI’ which I run from my art studio in Huddersfield.

I hope my cards will delight the eye while also marking all the events you may wish to celebrate; birthdays, Christmas, graduations, anniversaries and weddings.

I take both old and new-school approaches to my card designs, often creating original paintings, (usually in gouache, ink or water-colour), for some, while using photography or PC-programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and Photo-Shop on others. 

Please have a look at my work and if you have any requests, thoughts or questions don’t hesitate to send me an email, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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It’s not an easy thing to admit but my husband has toys. Nothing racy, we’re not talking sex stuff, but monsters, comic hero guys and robots. Some of these toys date back to his youth, others are occasionally picked up at flea markets, shops or Ebay. We don’t talk about it much and sadly I […]

The 3 legged cat

A severely decayed, 1930s Bentley residing in Huddersfield’s Oakes area; that was simply too tempting a prospect to pass up. This car belonged to an old friend who was thinking of selling it and that closing window of opportunity provided all the impetus I needed to get me out of my little art studio and […]

Punch & Judy blog new greeting card range

Punch & Judy Photo shoot

Since my last blog, I have finally gotten round to the much needed Spring-clean of my little art studio. The clutter has gone. And work-wise I’ve introduced something a little unusual to my birthday greeting card range. I was lucky enough to meet local puppet-master and ‘Professor’ Les Clarke recently and he introduced me to […]

Paris catacombs skulls, bones

I Went to Paris!

Visits to Paris can inspire many things. For me the inspiration was to suck up the atmosphere, the centuries of creativity and a fair amount of restorative red wine. I was there for a few days to recharge my creative batteries before starting work on some new ranges of greeting cards. I’m not much of a […]


  How wonderful when the days get longer and the sun spends much more of its times shining down on us emerging humans. It makes such a difference to wake up in the morning with the sun peeping through the curtains. I know that, very soon, the garden swing seat will be getting a dust down and the ice […]

Life in colour

What would life be like without colour? Well, duller for one thing. A scientist could explain how colour is all about how light reacts on the retina and… yep, I’m already boring myself. I don’t much like science, but I do love colour. It simply makes the world a better place. Can you imagine a carrot, a sunset or an orange as anything but […]

It’s sunny!

What a difference a sunny day makes! I was in the process of preparing some new designs for the printers but I think a walk in the park is appropriate. I love it that my mum has just phoned to say she needs some greetings cards and “will obviously pay you for them”. Damn right you will […]

My new website is finally here!

Seriously excited 😮 I have lots more artwork, illustrations and designs to put up but it takes aaaaaaaaaages to upload them from earth to my website. So it is going to be a gradual thing, which I just have to accept with a patient smile on my face. Also I have quite a few things out […]

Ready, steady, go… My website!

I am so excited about my new website. I cannot believe how long it takes to get a website off the ground. No wonder it costs folks a fortune. But I am now surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of my greeting cards which need to be uploaded onto my spanking new site. Celebrating with my […]

I am itching to get my paint palette out!

I love painting but its so time consuming working on my website. I really am eager to get back to it.However I’m finding the learning curve of working with WordPress really interesting. I really do love learning new things… Who would have guessed! I’m thinking I need to paint a seahorse following on from my dip in […]

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